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Welcoming Winter’s Dark Embrace: A Photographer’s Guide to Creative Exploration

Lessons in nature and landscape photography during winter’s dark embrace. Ideas to photograph the unseen beauty during these “darker” months.

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If we were on the trail together, standing with our tripods waiting for sunrise, or hanging around the campfire, this is a snapshot of what I’d share with you.

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The Three Most Important Words to Transform Your Photography

How do we train our brain to keep us motivated for landscape photography? There are three important words to improve and transform your photography.

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How Much Photo Storage Do You Need for Photography?

How much photo storage do you need to buy for photography? Here’s an easy approach to estimate what size hard drive you need for nature and landscape photography.

How Much Photo Storage Do You Need for Photography?

Camera Equipment & Gear

My biggest piece of advice to improve your flower photography: practice photographic promiscuity and perennial wooing. So what does that mean?

Improve Your Flower Photography with Promiscuity and Perennial Wooing

Landscape Photography

Can I learn Lightroom if I'm not comfortable with technology? Photography Blog Cover Image

Advice on how to learn to use Lightroom Classic if you are not comfortable with technology and if Let’s Get Organized is right for you.

Can I Learn Lightroom if I’m Not Comfortable with Technology?

Photography for Beginners

Discover the Magic of the Clear Blue Sky in Landscape Photography

Advice on scenes and locations that are perfect for photographing clear blue skies in landscape photography images.

Discover the Magic of Clear Blue Skies in Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography

Where to Store Your Lightroom Catalog and its backup - the complete guide

Two important Lightroom settings for everyone to review are the locations of where the Lightroom catalog and its backup is stored.

Where to Store Your Lightroom Catalog

Photography for Beginners

Winter in the Italian Mountains by Chrissy Donadi

The cold and frost of winter present all kinds of challenges for winter photography. However, with those challenges come such unique opportunities to create compelling and stunning winter landscape images. Make sure you see my previous winter photography tips on the right clothing and gear to keep you warm and the best camera gear accessories […]

Winter Photography Tips for Photographing in Cold Weather

Landscape Photography

Nature Photography Lessons from a Toddler

Out of my comfort zone. When I started landscape and nature photography, one of the last places I ever thought I would find myself is sitting with a macro lens among a bunch of flowers trying to find the right composition and angle. My inspiration to shoot started as a way to share my travel […]

Holding My Own: Nature Photography Lessons from a Toddler

Stories, Thoughts, & Reflections

Happy Earth Day! It’s the 51st Anniversary of Earth Day. That number makes me realize that I’m one of the first generations to grow up celebrating Earth Day in school.  When you look at the website, there is so much content for you to explore. Conservation, Climate Literacy, Freshwater or Forest Ecosystems, Plastic Pollution, Biodiversity […]

Adopting a Conservation Mindset for Earth Day & Nature First Photography

Landscape Photography

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