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Cover image to Master Lightroom's HSL Panel

Quick Guide to Understanding Lightroom’s HSL Panel

The complete guide to mastering Lightroom’s HSL Panel (hue, saturation, and luminance). Learn to adjust colors in your photos like a pro.

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If we were on the trail together, standing with our tripods waiting for sunrise, or hanging around the campfire, this is a snapshot of what I’d share with you.

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Capturing the Magic: How to Photograph Fireflies and Lightning Bugs

Photographing in the Field

Fast and Easy Ways to Organize and Keyword Photos in Lightroom

Lightroom & Photoshop

How to Create a Lightning Bug or Firefly-Friendly Yard

Stories, Thoughts, & Reflections

Nature photography image titled Grounded by Chrissy Donadi photographed in The Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The Story Behind the Image Grounded

The story behind the image: an undercover glimpse into creating the photo Grounded by Chrissy Donadi Photography

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Cover image for Faster Ways to Organize Photos in Lightroom Classic with Keywords Tutorial

Unlock the fast and easy methods to keyword photos and stay organized in Lightroom Classic.

Fast and Easy Ways to Organize and Keyword Photos in Lightroom

Lightroom & Photoshop

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7 simple tips and 3 different options on how to organize your lightroom folders for nature and landscape photographers

7 Powerful Tips to Organize Lightroom Folders

Lightroom & Photoshop

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Many issues people face in Lightroom come from importing incorrectly. Here, I share my best practices on how to import your photos into Lightroom.

Many problems in Lightroom stem from importing incorrectly. Here, I share my three best practices on importing your photos into Lightroom.

The Smartest Way to Import Your Photos into Lightroom Classic

Lightroom & Photoshop

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How to move your Lightroom catalog in four easy to follow steps

Learn how to move your Adobe Lightroom catalog from an external hard drive to your desktop computer or vice versa with these 4 easy steps.

How to Move Your Lightroom Catalog From an External Drive Back to Your Desktop (or Vice Versa)

Lightroom & Photoshop

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Where to Store Your Lightroom Presets and should you check store presets with Lightroom catalog?

Learn about using Lightroom presets and the one exception when you should check that infamous “store Lightroom presets with catalog” box.

Where to Store Your Lightroom Presets

Landscape Photography

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How to Add Your Copyright Metadata to Your Photos in Lightroom

Learn how to automatically copyright your photos in Lightroom and the 3 essential elements that must be in your image’s copyright notice.

How to Add a Copyright to Your Photos in Lightroom

Landscape Photography

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Fall Photography Post-Processing Tips

Fall photography post-processing advice to create outstanding autumn images with realistically vibrant colors.

Fall Photography: Easy & Effective Post-Processing Tips

Landscape Photography

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Can I learn Lightroom if I'm not comfortable with technology? Photography Blog Cover Image

Advice on how to learn to use Lightroom Classic if you are not comfortable with technology and if Let’s Get Organized is right for you.

Can I Learn Lightroom if I’m Not Comfortable with Technology?

Photography for Beginners

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