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Welcoming Winter’s Dark Embrace: A Photographer’s Guide to Creative Exploration

Lessons in nature and landscape photography during winter’s dark embrace. Ideas to photograph the unseen beauty during these “darker” months.

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If we were on the trail together, standing with our tripods waiting for sunrise, or hanging around the campfire, this is a snapshot of what I’d share with you.

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The Three Most Important Words to Transform Your Photography

How do we train our brain to keep us motivated for landscape photography? There are three important words to improve and transform your photography.

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The Best Gifts for Nature and Landscape Photographers

Quality gifts for nature and landscape photographers that either deliver a feast of inspiration or that will make measurable impacts on someone’s photographic journey or both!

Best Gifts for Nature Photographers (that they actually want)

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Landscape Photography of Waterfall in Autumn

Each year, I refresh my memory on how to photograph stunning fall foliage with these 6 essential fall photography tips.

How to Photograph Stunning Fall Foliage: 6 Essential Tips

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The good news is once you start seeing light in this way, you cannot turn it off.  It changes the way you view patience in nature photography.

A Lesson in Patience & Light in Landscape Photography

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My biggest piece of advice to improve your flower photography: practice photographic promiscuity and perennial wooing. So what does that mean?

Improve Your Flower Photography with Promiscuity and Perennial Wooing

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