A Special Invitation to See the Among the Hills Collection

The Among the Hills collection will be on display during the month of May at Wild Elder Wine & Cider Co.

Matted prints in various sizes and framed pieces will be available for purchase.

10% of the exhibition proceeds will benefit the local Carbon County Environmental Education Center.

The "Among the Hills" collection photo of mountain laurel

Photographs by Chrissy Donadi

Wild Elder Wine & Cider  |  Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania  |  May 2023

Among the Hills is a collection of photographs focused on the essence of the Appalachian Mountains. Appalachia is home to some of the oldest mountains in North America and is often overshadowed by younger and more dramatic mountain ranges. The photographs seek to honor the region’s spirit and showcase the unique beauty of these ancient mountains. Throughout the landscape, the gentle curves open to reveal valleys infused with rivers and streams that feed peaceful lakes and breathtaking waterfalls. As I explore these humble mountains, I use my lens to reconnect to my childlike curiosity and see the wonder, connecting with grand landscapes and the smallest scenes. With this collection, I hope to share my perspective on the enchantment that lives among these hills.

On Display for the Month of May!