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Meet Chrissy

Hi! I'm Chrissy. I photograph nature scenes and landscapes around the world but my heart and home are in the Poconos of Pennsylvania. No matter the season or weather, I feel at home when I'm outdoors with my camera.

Fine Art Landscape Photographer

nature photographer, Educator, & speaker

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connecting with Nature's Splendor, One Frame at a Time.

Nature's Beauty

 Encouraging                 Exploration While                      

 Encouraging               Exploration While                      Nature's Beauty



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Chrissy Donadi - How to Keep Your Lightroom Catalog Organized

episode 54

Recent Podcast Interview

Lightroom organization isn't exactly the sexiest topic in landscape photography, but having an organized catalog will save you time, effort, and energy. Whether you're just starting in Lightroom or already have hundreds of thousands of photos, maintaining an organized Lightroom catalog is crucial.

In this episode, pro photographer and educator Chrissy Donadi shares her advice on all things Lightroom organization. Chrissy is an expert in Lightroom, and her advice will help you clean up your catalog.

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Regularly creating articles and tutorials on various aspects of landscape photography, including composition techniques, lighting, post-processing, and gear recommendations.

Education for Photographers

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The ultimate course to show you everything you need to set up and organize your photos in Lightroom, all within 4 hours!

How to Organize Photos in Lightroom

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The ultimate course on

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Let's collaborate on a captivating tourism campaign, curate stunning artwork tailored for your business, or invite me to engage and inspire your audience through compelling presentations. Together, we can make a lasting impact.

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“Your Lightroom talk on organizing was a revelation.”


I'm Chrissy, your new photography friend.

Master Naturalist, Coffee lover, backyard birder, adorer of Excel, gelato aficionado, coordinator of chaos, imagineer, and believer in punny jokes

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