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Are you on the hunt for the perfect gift that will make the nature photographer in your life truly ecstatic? Look no further. My carefully curated list is designed to cater to their passion, ensuring that your gift will not only be appreciated but cherished. Whether you're seeking a breathtaking photography book, a versatile backpack, or a unique experience, 

Wait, you're the photographer in your life? Me too. In that case, indulge in a little self-care and treat yourself!

The Art of Fog 
by Michele Sons

embrace the mist


In "The Art of Fog," Michele provides a 200-page guide for expressive landscape and nature photography in misty conditions. This comprehensive eBook covers fog science, forecasting techniques, case studies, and 35 actionable tips, making it an invaluable resource for photographers of all levels. It's a must-read for all landscape photographers!

Educational Gems

Feed their passion with knowledge and skills

Desert Paradise
by Sarah Marino & Ron Coscorrosa

visit paradise


The start of the new year is a great time to explore the captivating landscapes of Death Valley National Park. Early in 2023, Sarah and Ron released this fully revised and expanded second edition. This comprehensive ebook serves as a valuable guide offering in-depth information on 20 primary locations and includes over 120 stunning photos, travel advice, maps, and an extended section on Nature First principles.

Essential Photoshop 
by Nick Page

master the essentials

video Tutorial

I rarely recommend editing tutorials, but Nick (and Alex in the next recommendation) teach processing so well. IN this tutorials, Nick offers a comprehensive journey through Photoshop's intricacies tailored for landscape photographers covering essential tools, workflows, and various techniques. The course delves into smart objects, adjustment layers, luminosity masks, exposure blending, focus stacking, and more, ensuring you learn the vital Photoshop skills for landscape photography.

by Alex Noriega

keep it simple

video Tutorial

In his first tutorial release in nearly four years, Alex Noriega shares the essence of his photographic philosophy: simplicity. With a focus on post-production concepts, this 3-hour, 40-minute tutorial covers four chapters demonstrating techniques on 10 different images, a start-to-finish processing of his acclaimed image "Kindred Spirits," insights into composition, and a detailed curation process. The package includes raw and project files, ensuring an immersive learning experience.

The Art of Flower Photography
by Anne Belmont

blossom your skills


Dive into the captivating world of flower photography. Anne's 226-page guide offers a comprehensive exploration of techniques, creative approaches, and the emotional aspects of photographing flowers. It's clear Anne put her heart into this book. Immerse yourself in her expertise and elevate your flower photography skills with this invaluable resource.


The power of observation and connecting with the landscape is essential for landscape photographers. A nature journal has helped me tremendously in the field. This high-quality naturalist journal is one of my favorites offering illustrations of leaves, cloud formations, and animal tracks for easy reference. Ideal for jotting down observations, sketching landscapes, and noting the intricate details that inspire their photography.

Naturalist Journal

Practical Accessories

grabbing my pen

"The New Big 5" by Graeme Green brings together over 145 renowned wildlife photographers to celebrate and raise awareness about iconic species like elephants, gorillas, tigers, lions, and polar bears. With captivating photos, essays from conservation leaders including Dr. Jane Goodall, and coverage of additional endangered species, the book serves as a powerful tool for inspiring action and addressing the urgent issues facing the world's wildlife.

The New Big 5

Practical Accessories

tell me more

This classic is an indispensable resource for outdoor enthusiasts, offering detailed insights into 189 major land habitats worldwide. With over 650 color photographs, 150 distribution maps, and 200 diagrams, this richly illustrated guide provides essential information for quick and accurate habitat identification, making it a must-have for anyone eager to deepen their understanding of the natural world.

Habitats of the World


Practical Accessories

yes please

Nurturing Nature

For the Budding Naturalist

Yosemite: Sanctuary in Stone
by William Neill

yosemite awaits


Renowned photographer William Neill presents "Yosemite: Sanctuary in Stone," a culmination of 46 years of dedication to Yosemite's captivating landscapes. The book, self-published for the first time, features 133 photographs capturing the park's serene moments, from intimate details to awe-inspiring vistas. Accompanied by original essays from Neill and esteemed photographer Guy Tal, the book offers a personal and profound exploration of Yosemite's essence. This should be on everyone's list.

Artistic Inspirations

Surround them with beauty for endless creative sparks

Space, Stillness, Silence:
by Eric Bennett

explore tranquility


Eric has created a visual meditation on the tranquility found in the Southern Utah Desert. Featuring over 120 never-before-seen images taken over six years, this fine art photography book explores the deep relationship formed with the desert landscape. Pre-order now for a signed and personalized copy, with an offer ending on Nov. 30, 2023, and expected delivery by Dec. 15, 2023.

Magic in the Wilderness
by Women Capture Magic

capture the magic


This collaborative coffee table book showcases breathtaking photography by 82 female nature photographers from the Women Capture Magic community. From local parks to wilderness areas, these images capture the beauty of our planet's natural spaces, serving as a celebration and call for their preservation.  

Natural Landscape
Volume Two

go natural


Explore the world of landscape and nature photography with "Natural Landscape – Volume Two (2022)." This 220-page, large-format fine art book showcases the work of over 140 photographers from around the globe. The book includes commissioned essays that delve into the ethos of the photography competition, emphasizing the eyewitness tradition of photography and the representation of the world with truth and honesty. Use code Donadi15 and save 15%.

Consider the recipient's lifestyle and daily routines. Practical gifts often have a longer-lasting impact and are appreciated for their utility.


Sentimental gifts evoke emotions and create lasting memories, making them meaningful and memorable for the recipient tincidunt ut.

Sentimental Value

Tailoring the gift to the recipient's individual tastes, preferences, and interests adds a thoughtful and personal touch


Selecting the Perfect Gift

countdown to wonder

The Photo Cascadia team is raising the bar for calendars everywhere. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii with Photo Cascadia's 2024 wall calendars. Use promo code CALENDAR24 on PageADay.com for a 10% discount until January 5, 2024.

A Year Of Natural Wonders Calendars by Photo Cascadia


Nature Photographers Network

capture, & connect

community platform

Nature Photographers Network (NPN) is a dynamic online community uniting nature photographers in their shared passion for capturing the beauty of the natural world. Offering constructive critiques, robust educational resources, and inspiring discussions, NPN provides a supportive environment for photographers to refine their creative vision and skills. Differentiating itself from social media platforms, NPN stands as a unique space for growth-minded individuals to share, learn, and appreciate diverse perspectives in nature photography.

A Sense of Community

a feast for the eyes and food for thought

Nature Vision Magazine

in focus on nature

digitial magazine

This quarterly digital publication has thought-provoking articles, inspiring interviews, stunning imagery, and featured projects, each issue offers a treasure trove of resources for photographers of all skill levels. By showcasing their community members' outstanding work, delving into creative projects, and providing book reviews, Nature Vision Magazine goes beyond traditional magazines, delivering a collaborative and enriching experience that deepens the connection between photographers and the natural world.

Elements Photography Magazine

see the elemental beauty

digital magazine

ELEMENTS Magazine, a monthly digital publication dedicated to premier landscape photography, offers an immersive experience. Featuring renowned photographers like Hans Strand, Charles Cramer, and more, it provides 100+ pages of exclusive content, insightful articles, in-depth interviews, and a clutter-free design. Praised for its literary standards and inspiring content, and lauded by subscribers for its deep interest and inspiration.


dive into photographic art

the works 

LensWork Online Membership provides access to over 1700 previous "Here's a Thought" episodes and 1370+ podcasts, allowing members to delve into a wealth of photography insights. With exclusive content, including the latest book, "Light, Glorious Light 2023," and features like LensWork Print, Tablet, Extended editions, and more, the membership offers a comprehensive experience for photography enthusiasts and creatives. Discover a world of photographic inspiration and education with LensWork Online.

Can't decide on a specific gift? Opt for a gift card, and let the nature photographer in your life choose the perfect item to add to their gear bag. I know this may seem like a copout of a gift, but sometimes it's one of the greatest acts of kindness you can give a photographer. Photography gear is expensive, and it's challenging to know what someone will need or want to purchase next. The year that each of my family members gave me a B&H gift card afforded me the opportunity to purchase the lens I had on my wishlist.
If you still want to accompany your gift card with a small physical gift, then you can always include items like a rocket air blaster, Zeiss Lens Wipes, SD cards, or extra camera batteries for their camera.

Another failsafe option is to give an REI gift card and perhaps pair your purchase with a microfiber cloth, hiking socks, or even a new headlamp. I don’t know any photographers who haven’t put an REI gift card to good use. Quality gear is outrageously expensive but worth the investment to keep us warm and dry.

Gift Cards


The Shimoda Explore v2 Collection is a versatile travel and landscape adventure camera bag system designed for both men and women. From airport to alpine, it offers a refined solution for photographers on the move. With a focus on durability, accessibility, and comfort, this collection ensures that photographers can carry their gear anywhere and everywhere. The Women's Shimoda Explore V2 30L pack is the photography bag I trust to be my sidekick on all my adventures.

Shimoda is the brand that I've been happiest with aesthetics, fit, and function, but there are other equally wonderful bags. If you're looking for an alternative brand, F-Stop Gear is another excellent manufacturer of camera backpacks. 

Shimoda Camera Backpacks


Help your favorite photographer stay eco-friendly on the go with Brita's Premium Filtering Water Bottle. Crafted with BPA-free materials and featuring an enclosed easy-sip straw, this bottle ensures worry-free hydration by filtering contaminants and reducing chlorine taste and odor, delivering great-tasting water from any tap. Say goodbye to bottled water purchases on the road because you'll be able to refill anywhere, even the gas station, with confidence.

Note: If your person is someone who will be filling up directly from the river or creek, consider the LifeStraw Go Bottle.

Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle


The Anker PowerCore+ is the ultimate gift for landscape photographers who need reliable, high-speed charging on the go. With its 45W USB-C Power Delivery port, it can rapidly charge USB-C notebooks, tablets, and phones, including a 13-inch MacBook in just 2 hours. The ultra-high 26,800mAh cell capacity ensures a week's worth of power for mobile devices, and the included 60W wall charger cuts recharge time down to an incredibly fast 3.5 hours. This comprehensive bundle, complete with a USB-C to C cable, is a one-stop solution for all charging needs, making it the perfect companion for photography adventures.

Anker Portable Power Charger

tech marvel

Gearing Up

fuel their photography with practical accessories

When it seems they have it all, consider a heartfelt gesture. If the landscape photographer in your life's gear bag is full, why not make a meaningful impact? Opt for a donation in their name to one of their cherished parks or conservation causes. It's a thoughtful way to celebrate their passion for photography and contribute to the preservation of the places they love. After all, some gifts are more about the heart than the gear.

give back

For the Photographer Who Has Everything?

Are any of these items sponsored?  No.
But there are a few affiliate links where I can make a small commission.

Is this list biased? Sure, I’m not Oprah or Julie Andrews, but these are a few of my favorite things. It’s my perspective of quality items that either deliver a feast of inspiration or that will make measurable impacts on someone’s photographic journey or both! There is no shortage of artists in the world. And I know there is so much more yet to be discovered. With that in mind, I would be happy if you send me your favorite items.