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Nature Photography of a Eastern Grey Squirrel

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How to Setup and Organize Your Photos in Lightroom Course

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Learn How to Organize Your Photos in Lightroom Classic! 

This online photography course is perfect for people wanting to get started in Lightroom as well as those who need ways to organize the chaos already created (no shame, we’ve all been there). This course is everything you need to know about how to setup and organize your photos in Lightroom within 4 hours.

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Interview with The Outdoor Photography Podcast

I had so much fun sitting down with Brenda Petrella for an interview on her Outdoor Photography Podcast. We talked about my path into photography, Lightroom, the joys and inability to balance family and photography, and the importance of tinkering for inspiration.

Brenda does an incredible job with her podcast. The episodes are a refreshing mix of interviews and quick photography tips. It takes a lot for something to make it into my weekly routine, but I look forward to each episode, and I hope you do too!