Among the Hills: Photographs by Chrissy Donadi

Among the Hills Collection

Artist Statement: Among the Hills is a collection of photographs focused on the essence of the Appalachian Mountains. Appalachia is home to some of the oldest mountains in North America and is often overshadowed by younger and more dramatic mountain ranges. These photographs seek to honor the spirit of the region and showcase the unique beauty of these ancient mountains. The gentle and humble curves open to reveal valleys infused with rivers and streams that feed peaceful lakes and breathtaking waterfalls.

Each season adds to the experience. After a quiet blanket of winter’s snow, we welcome the greeting of morning birdsong and the burst of vibrant budding greens. In summer, the sweet sound of evening crickets serenades as lighting bugs glitter across the deep greens that cover the landscape. Then, once the temperatures cool, fall delivers a finale performance through the region’s abundance of tree varieties as they reveal a rich encore of warm and bright autumnal hues before mother nature rests for another winter.

During the normal rigors of life, the beauty and benefits of nature are often taken for granted. As a child, I grew up among these hills exploring and playing in the forests, lakes, and rivers in awe of their seasonal splendor. I witnessed moments of magic each day. This collection is a reflection of revisiting these areas of my formative years through the vantage point of an adult understanding the fragility of our lands and waters.

As I explore, I use my lens to reconnect to my childlike curiosity and see the wonder, connecting with grand landscapes and the smallest of scenes. With this collection, I hope to share my perspective on the enchantment that lives among these hills.

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Medium-Sized Prints Available: If you cannot make it to the exhibition this month but are interested in obtaining a print, I have decided that I can offer medium-size prints through the mail. Due to shipping costs, medium (8.5 x 11” print in 11 x 14” matte) prints are the only size that will be available online.

More About the Art: All photos are printed on fine art paper using high-quality archival inks. Each piece of artwork is produced by hand, and all materials are pH neutral/acid-free to protect and preserve your artwork. Each photo is signed with archival ink on the back of the photo and comes with a certificate of authenticity as well as an artwork care guide.

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Bear With Me
Spoonwood of Medicine
Pinnacle of Pisgah
Edge Rush
Ganoga Gush
Hollow’s Eve
Bushkill Bridal Veil
Coffee Can Wait
Mom’s Mum
Misty Mountain
Misty Mountain

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